Shiv Sena - The Party

Shiv Sena is one of the leading political parties in India and Maharashtra. It was founded on 19th June 1966 by Hindu Hrudya Samrat, Shi. Balasaheb Thackeray. The main motive at that time was to give the Marathi Manoos in Mumbai, a political platform. From day first till today Shiv Sena has adhered to its motive and goal, at the same time it has also vowed to promote and protect the Hindu culture, the pride of India.

It is such a beautiful party which welcomes people from every strata of society and also of any religious background provided they identify themselves as Indians and are ready to sacrifice for the sake of nation. Due to these nationalistic moorings of Shiv Sena one can see the representation from each and every social group in this party.

The success graph of Shiv Sena since its inception has gone up steadily. In 1995, there was a sort of Political Revolution in Maharashtra when for the first time since the creation of Maharashtra in 1960; Shiv Sena-BJP government came to power. Shri. Manohar Joshi of Shiv Sena became the Chief Minister and Shri. Gopinath Munde of BJP became the Deputy Chief Minister. It was possible due to the impeccable speeches and charisma of Shri. Balasaheb Thackeray. During its tenure of five years in power the Shiv Sena-BJP government did marvels to the infrastructure in Maharashtra as a whole and city of Mumbai in particular. During this time about 40 flyovers were constructed in Mumbai. It was a magnificent attempt to liberate Mumbai from its traffic problems. The Mumbai-Pune Expressway is one of the wonderful example of Engineering techniques which has made the Mumbai–Pune travel not only a great pleasure but also has reduced the time enormously.

Shiv Sena is a force to reckon with in Mumbai. Measured by any means it has tremendous presence and power in Mumbai and surrounding areas like Thane, Kalyan, Dombivali, Ambernath, Badlapur etc.

Shivesena's grip on Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation and Thane Municipal Corporation is indisputable.

When National Democratic Alliance led by BJP came to power in centre, Shiv Sena was one of the most important constituents of it. Shri. Manohar Joshi, a prominent Shiv Sena leader became the Speaker of Lok Sabha at that time.

In Maharashtra, the strength of Shiv Sena is unquestionable. It is very powerful party in our state without it the political history, present and future of Maharashtra is incomplete.

The Thackeray family is the main guiding spirit behind this mighty political outfit. Under the guidance and blessings of Hindu Hrudya Samrat Shri. Balasaheb Thackeray, Shri Uddhavji Thackeray and Shri. Adityaji Thackeray is taking the party to the new heights.