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The Cub of Tiger- Uddhav Saheb

Uddhav Thackeray

Shri Uddhav Thackeray was born on 27th July 1960. Basically he is a businessman and artist. Photography is his passion. He used to help Balasaheb in publishing Saamana, party mouthpiece of Shiv Sena. In the beginning even though he did not possess any official position in party he was actively involved in the party activities. His role in the Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) Election of 2002 was very crucial. He proved to be a star campaigner for Shiv Sena. Ultimately Shiv sena came to power in BMC. As party was achieving great success and feat due to his efforts he was appointed as the Executive President of Shiv Sena by Balasaheb.

Uddhav Saheb is a politician with difference. As mentioned earlier he is also an excellent photographer. Till this date two famous books containing photographs taken by him and with brief information have been published. The names of these books are, 'Maharashtra Desha' and 'Pahawa Vitthal'. Both these books depict the historical, cultural and religious heritage of Maharashtra.

'Maharashtra Desha' has been divided into following six categories:

  • 'Mumbaichya Desha' - depicting the normal life from Mumbai.
  • 'Kankhar Desha' - consisting the invincible forts of great Shivaji such as Raigad, Torna, Purandar, etc.
  • 'Pavitra Desha' contains photographs and information about the famous and sacred temples in Maharashtra like- Saptashrungi Devi of Nasik, Ambabai Temple of Kolhapur, and Vittal Temple of Pandharpur.
  • 'Dagadanchya Desha' represents the Ajanta, Ellora, Kanheri, Karla Caves
  • 'Jeevan Desha' consists of the rivers of Maharashtra like Chandrabhaga, Krishna, Mutha, etc.
  • 'Adbhut Desha' is an anthology of photographs related with the nature and other resources of Maharashtra.

'Pahawa Vitthal' is a tribute to the 'Warkari Sampraday' and devotees of Lord Vitthala, considered as the most popular God of Maharashtra.

Uddhav Saheb is considered as one of the most cultured and suave politicians of Maharashtra. He is a good speaker and delivers his message convincingly to his audience. He seldom believes in below the belt criticism of his political rivals.

Under his leadership Shiv Sena has consistanly won the elections in Mumbai, Thane, Kalyan-Dombivali, Sambhajinagar amd various other Corporations, Zilla Parishads and Gram Panchayats.

He has brought forth and groomed many budding and enthusiastic youngsters into mature politicians. Today Shiv Sena posseses a band of energetic, active and loyal leaders as well as party activists and credit for it goes to Uddhav Saheb.

At present Shiv Sena is a major opposition party in Maharashtra State Assembly and its Members of Legislative Assembly are serving people by raising various public issues and opposing certain decisions of Government. One of such MLAs is Shri Pratap Sarnaik.