Completed Public Service Works - Beautification of Roads

One of the projects very close to the heart of Mr. Pratap Sarnaik is the beautification of the roads. He not only wants to create the world class roads but also wants to beautify them with international yardstick.

In this regard first road selected for the beautification is 1.5 kilometer road in Samata Nagar. The work in this regard has already begun. After the successful completion of the beautification of this road Mr. Pratap Sarnaik wants to take up the Kores Road (P. K. Atre alias Acharya Atre Marg) for similar type of beautification.

Important Features Of Road Beautification Project:

  • Solar stud lights along the road are found in the Airports.
  • Special Solar stud lights imported from the United States of America.
  • Solar stud lights will get recharged and reenergized by the solar energy.
  • Solar stud lights will get lighted automatically after sun set.
  • Along the road various international level signboards important places, Thane Municipal Corporation structures, etc. in the vicinity.
  • Sign boards will also indicate the traffic related rules and information such as NO ENTRY, ONE WAY, etc.
  • Usage of high quality radium for making the sign boards.
  • No speed breakers on the stretch of 1.5 kilometer road.