Completed Public Service Works - Roads

Potholes and muddy water during the rainy season has become the regular feature of the roads in Thane city. Such roads are not only unsuitable for the smooth vehicular traffic but also create lot of trouble for the passengers/ commuters.

Providing good roads to the citizens of the city is one of prime duties of the Municipal Corporation. If the Corporation neglects its duties and responsibilities towards the people, it is the duty of the elected representatives or Corporators to remind the civic administration about the same.

Unfortunately, the Thane Municipal Corporation Civil administration did very little to repair the roads after the 2006 monsoon season. Major roads in the city including the 'KORES ROAD (P. K. Atre alias Acharya Atre Marg)' were in a bad shape.

Pratap Sarnaik raised this issue vehemently in one of the GENERAL BODY meetings of the Thane Municipal Corporation. He came down heavily on the civic administration for neglecting the plight of utterly damaged roads in the city.

He did not stop just by raising the issue in the GENERAL BODY meeting, he organized a big protest which culminated into a MORCHA (MARCH) on the Municipal Ward Office located in Vartak Nagar. This Morcha was organized on 16th November, 2006.

As he raised this issue time and again on the various platforms of the Thane Municipal Corporation, Commissioner of T.M.C. Mr. Nandkumar Jantre informed one of the GENDERAL BODY meetings held in the month of November, 2006 that repair work of nearly 134 roads in the city has been started.

Due to these several efforts made by Pratap Sarnaik the repair work of KORES ROAD (P. K. Atre alias Acharya Atre Marg) began from the 19th and 20th November, 2006.