Completed Public Service Works - Water Problem

Most of the areas in Thane city suffer from inadequate water supply. Population of our city is increasing by leaps and bounds everyday thanks to the new housing complexes and the development of the city. Ultimate result of it is the insufficient water supply in various parts of the city.

Hard hit areas by this problem are the residential areas in the so called old parts of the city. These areas include Samata Nagar, Vartak Nagar, Runwal Plaza, Ramchandra Ngar, Mahatma Phule Nagar, Asiatic Enclave, Vedant Complex, Kores Towers, Tarangan Housing Complex, Vihang Garden, Silver Arch Complex, Wimbledon Park, Laxmi Complex, Laxmi Park 1 & 2, Vijay Nagar, Lokmanya Nagar Pada No.1, 2, 3 & 4 , etc.

For that matter, it has been found that people living in most of the parts of city often complain about the shortage of water supply in their respective residential areas.

As an elected representative in Thane Municipal Corporation He has always made it a point to raise the issue of improper and insufficient water supply on various platforms of the Thane Municipal Corporation.

For instance in the Standing Committee meeting held on Tuesday, 13th December 2005 he raised this crucial issue.

While participating in the debate on this issue he told the Chair, "Already there was a big problem with water supply and the introduction of load shedding by the MSEDC at fixed hours everyday has further worsened the problem."

In order to solve the water crisis in his ward he laid down a new pipeline in Sant Dyaneshwar Nagar.

Pratap sarnaik is aptly known as the thundering 'GUN' in Thane Municipal Corporation. His participation in the General Body meetings is very active. As a member of Standing Committee and Education Committee also he had raised various crucial issues. He always takes up and raises the issues related with Thane city in general and his ward in particular on all these platforms.

He not only raises various problems of the city but also takes a concrete steps to solve it and also gives proper suggestions to the T.M.C. administration in this regards.

Mrs. Parisha Pratap Sarnaik is taking his legacy a step forward.