Completed Public Service Works - Eco Garden

It is a first novel garden in Thane city. It has lawn, jogging & walking track. Variety of herbal, medicinal plants & trees have been planted in this garden.

"A breeze from Eco Garden freshens the atmosphere in our locality."
- Mrs. Indu Sawant (SuKirti Society)

Important features of the Eco-Garden:

  • Separate sections to highlight and represent different Eco systems on earth.
  • Will have an aquatic and desert Eco system also.
  • Aquatic section will consist of :
    • Trees and flower plants.
    • Marine life.
  • Desert section will consist of :
    • White sands as found in desert.
    • Different desert bushes, trees and plants.
  • Herbal Garden with the aromatic and medicinal plants
  • Variety of plants and flowers to attract butter fillies throughout the year.
  • Trees with artificial nests to attract the birds for nesting
  • Feeding facilities for the birds inside the garden.
  • Health related facilities such as:
    • Jogger's track.
    • Acupressure track.
  • Acupressure track would help to get the relief to visitors with blood related ailments, mainly blood pressure.
  • Bio-culture and Vermi culture demonstrations.
  • Lamps based on Solar panels.
  • Water harvesting facility to charge shallow and deep water resources.
Location: Opp. Sukirti Society, Samata Nagar
Status: Completed & Open for public
Area: 1700 square meters
Inauguration of the project: 03/12/2005
Foundation Tone Laying Ceremony (Bhoomi Pujan): 10/12/2005
Note: This is the first Eco-Garden of its kind in Thane City.